Friday, 17 May 2019

Last week, industry and thought leaders from across the US took the stage to share ideas and insights at Finovate’s CX Summit. Customer Experience (CX), long deemed the realm of designers and user interface (UI) experts, has been gaining attention from bankers, fintech entrepreneurs and technologists alike.

The rise of fintech companies has shown us that CX is vital to attract and retain customers. While CX has been top of mind across the financial services industry for years, trends in CX have changed over that time as fintech matures, new technologies emerge and companies gather more experiential insight into what customers actually want.

Research presented at Finovate’s CX Summit, together with experiences shared by participants, prove that two services offering equal capabilities but different caliber experiences are not equal at all. Below are the top three takeaways from the event, as summarized by Summit Chair Steven Ramirez, CEO at Beyond the Arc.

  • Human in the Loop: great customer experiences cannot rely on digital interactions or human interactions alone. Combining both digital and human interactions, delivered at the right touch points, provides the best experience for customers.


  • Importance of Content: offering a beautiful, simple and easy-to- navigate user interface (UI) with an intuitive flow is undoubtedly important when building effective products. However, recent studies and the experiences of participants in the CX Summit both show that creating effective communication around an experience is crucial. Customers need to find answers to their questions and advice around related topics with ease if a company wants to offer a well-rounded customer experience that keeps people coming back.


  • Importance of Company Culture: the days of innovation teams existing as stand-alone, siloed departments within large companies are over. To create revolutionary customer experiences and genuinely change the way companies approach customers, technology and change, innovation must be ingrained in teams by hiring the right people throughout the organization.


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–The Open Platform Team

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