Wednesday, 13 May 2020

At Open Platform, we’re always looking for ways to make our banking and payments services accessible, transparent and easy to use, so based on feedback from our users, we have completely redesigned the Guides section of Open Platform’s website that explains how to use our APIs. We hope that this provides all our users with a more intuitive experience and a more detailed understanding of our APIs. 

Our revamped guides include more comprehensive and integrated content, new designs, and a simplified navigation. Within the new guide material we have published, we would like to highlight the following major features:


  • One unified set of guides that cover all of our environments: sandbox, certification and production. We no longer have separate guides to explain how to use our APIs in the sandbox, formerly known as the Sandbox Sequence, and how to use them in production. Now you can find all the information you need in one place, because all of our guides explain the standards used across our three environments. The one exception is a new guide section devoted to Sandbox Testing, where you can find a full list of test values that can be used when trying out our APIs in the sandbox.
  • New, intuitive Getting Started section: Whether you are an API beginner or a current user of our APIs, we encourage you to read our APIs 101, which explains all the basics about using Open Platform’s APIs. Our new Quick Start guide explains how to sign up with Open Platform and start using our APIs in our sandbox right away.
  • New technical guides: New technical cheat sheets, which users can return to whenever they have specific questions.
    • Postman Guides: including links where you can download Open Platform’s Postman collection.
    • Sandbox Testing: a section that focuses only on sandbox endpoints.


For each individual API, you will find an introduction to that API, followed by a number of detailed guides explaining how the API works:

  • New Business API guides: New and improved guides about how to create and update business records for business users.
    • Create a business (extended)
    • Update a business record (new)
    • Upload a business document (new)
  • Improved Accounts API guides: Improved guides about how to create and manage consumer and business bank accounts.
    • Create a consumer account
    • Create a business account
    • Check account balance
    • Close account
  • New and reorganized Move Money API guides: Our new Move Money guide section offers three paths that explain the requirements to make each of the three different types of payments available with the Move Money API. There are also general Move Money guides, including use cases for sending and collecting funds, a new chart explaining the requirements for each payment type and an explanation of Move Money inputs and outputs. 
ACH payments

ACH payments 

Register a bank account

ACH transaction cycle

Debit card and prepaid card payments

Debit card and prepaid card payments

Register a bank account

Register a debit card or prepaid card

Bill payments

Bill payments

Register a bank account

Register a payee

Access to electronic payee directory

General Move Money guides

Payments requirements

Move Money inputs and outputs

Send funds use case

Collect funds use case



We will continue to fine tune our new guides in the weeks ahead, so If you have any feedback or questions about them, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact our support team at


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