02 October 2018

BBVA unveils match-making platform for fintech startups

BBVA has launched a match-making platform that helps fintech startups get in touch with business units at the Spanish bank that might benefit from their products and services.

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18 September 2018

Mastering Open Banking: How the ‘Masters in Openness’ create value

Senior bank executives are starting to understand that Open Banking will have key implications on their future competitive positioning and related digital transformation activities. We define Open Banking as a business approach in which value creation results from sharing, providing and leveraging access to bank resources through application programming interfaces (APIs). This way data, processes and other business capabilities of banks are made available to an ecosystem of (selected) third parties (e.g. fintechs, technology vendors, corporate customers).

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05 July 2018

What is the “gig economy”?

The word “gig” comes from musical jargon and refers to a performance by a musical group. When applied to the working world, the concept refers to sporadic jobs of limited duration. The person hired to do the job is responsible for fulfilling a specific role within a project.

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20 June 2018

The 10 global fintech trends

Blockchain, more regulations, emerging niche markets such as ‘insurtech’ y ‘regtech’… The future of fintechs has yet to be written but the trends shaping their future in the short- and medium-tern are already clear.

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02 February 2017

BBVA increases fintech fund to $250 million

BBVA increases fintech fund to $250 million and announces investment agreement with Propel Venture Partners

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