18 December 2018

BBVA works with fintech startups in Latin America to create the digital solutions of the future

BBVA is developing an open innovation program in the region, known as fast track, which makes it possible to streamline and make more efficient the processes that the Group develops together with startups to implement new digital products and services for the benefit of customers.

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Atom and solarisBank, among the best fintech startups of 2018, according to KPMG

Atom and solarisBank, two companies in which BBVA holds a significant stake, included in KPMG’s ‘Fintech 100’ list. The report ranks the leading 50 ‘Established’ fintech companies across the globe, as well as the most captivating 50 ‘Emerging Stars’ with exciting, new products and solutions.

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18 October 2018

BBVA launches open banking platform in the US

BBVA has officially launched its Banking-as-a-Service platform in the US, using APIs to let firms offer their customers financial products without having to take on fulling banking themselves.

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17 October 2018

BBVA Debuts BaaS platform in the U.S.

BBVA announced on Tuesday it is now offering a full suite of Banking as a Service (BaaS) products in the U.S. through its BBVA Open Platform program. BBVA reported that its Open Platform initiative enables third parties to easily integrate payments and complementary banking services into their own business models to create seamless user experiences.

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02 October 2018

BBVA unveils match-making platform for fintech startups

BBVA has launched a match-making platform that helps fintech startups get in touch with business units at the Spanish bank that might benefit from their products and services.

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