Thursday, 30 May 2019

We’re excited to share that Azlo, the fastest growing small business banking service in the US at the time this article is written, uses Open Platform’s technology to offer a groundbreaking banking experience to all of its customers.

Azlo is a new business banking experience created by founders, for founders. With Azlo, you won’t get hit with minimum balance charges or hidden fees. You won’t spend time driving to a branch and waiting in line, or juggling multiple tools to view your transactions and send invoices. Azlo’s mission is to drive economic opportunity and financial inclusion by empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge to start, scale and grow their businesses.


How does Azlo work with Open Platform?

Azlo set out with the goal to build bridges, not walls, for the world’s entrepreneurs and innovators. To achieve this, Azlo knew it needed a banking and technology partner with the flexibility to build an experience fit for today’s gig economy and with the infrastructure to scale. In BBVA Open Platform, Azlo found a Banking-as-a-Service solution built for the 21st century.

Rather than piece together solutions from multiple service providers or leverage outdated processes that require customers to visit bank branches, Azlo used Open Platform’s technology to develop an online, end-to-end banking service for the new generation of digital entrepreneurs.

Using Open Platform’s technology, Azlo offers an entirely digital onboarding experience to new customers, including verifying identity, opening an FDIC-insured deposit account and issuing an Azlo branded Visa® debit card. From there, Azlo’s customers can deposit checks, block and unblock their Azlo debit card, find free-free ATM’s and get real-time notifications for card purchases, all within the Azlo mobile app.

Through Open Platform’s robust suite of services and intuitively designed APIs, Azlo has the freedom and flexibility to develop a custom banking experience that meets the unique needs of digital entrepreneurs and innovators.


“Building Azlo’s services with BBVA Open Platform gave us the power to design a groundbreaking banking experience and control our brand, while relying on the technology of a leading US bank.”

–Cameron Peake, CEO – Azlo


We’re excited to provide the technology powering Azlo’s revolutionary and rapidly growing banking experience. Check out the full case study hereIf you’d like to find out how Open Platform’s APIs could help your company, please get in touch. We’d love to answer any questions you may have.


–Open Platform Team


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